Blogging In Uganda: Why ‘You’ Should Start A Blog Now

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Do you know that having a [personal] blog is the single most important thing you can do as a young person in this age?       

I have just learnt that in some countries, when you apply for a job, it is an added advantage if you write on a blog somewhere.

This means that with the high competition in the job market [in Uganda] today, it is a matter of time before this is adopted and required here too. It is the internet age, you know!

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You probably didn’t think about it like that, well, because internet [especially in Uganda] has not hit it big yet as elsewhere. But the truth is, blogging tells a lot about your grasp of things or your scope on a given subject [or business]. Anyway follow closely;

You Too Can Be A Blogger!

For as many as have heard [or used] internet in Uganda, at least all know about Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter. And I am here to tell you [Facebookers] that you can even take it a notch higher…

If actually you can write something on Facebook or Twitter and receive comments and feedback then you are a potential blogger.

Actually blogging is such a powerful [internet] tool; it can be both helpful and beneficial – directly or indirectly. Matter of fact, there are many types of blogs; I just want to talk about one – the Personal blog.

  • It is like an online journal or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world. A personal blog is your own website and you update it on an ongoing basis.

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This means that your personality is the cornerstone of the blog you’re building. Probably your name will be in the banner of the Website. Your face will be all over the home page. And the idea is that you actually want to be known as you, or as the person who writes Blog ABC – your blog.

Personal blogs are ideal for those who are seeking to position themselves as experts [opinion leaders, storytellers, photographers, authors etc]. Why? Because when you’re seen as an expert, people will want to:

  • Hire you as a consultant
  • Offer you a job
  • Book you as a [motivational] speaker
  • Invite you to write on their blog or be interviewed on their podcast

And so on. . . [I will expound on this in my next article; Why You Should Start A Blog Part Two]

In essence, this blog [if you work it to success] will help build your personal brand. The Personal blog, however, makes that result the top priority.

Advantages of the Personal Brand:

  • It’s ideal for positioning yourself as a speaker/thought leader.
  • It can increase your name recognition within your industry.

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Disadvantages of the Personal Brand:

  • You need to be comfortable putting yourself in the spotlight.
  • You have to treat yourself like a product, which is a unique challenge that requires brutal self-honesty.

Subsequent posts [articles] will be about how to start a personal blog

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