Eddy Kenzo Celebrates Being On Trace Mziki’s Rotation

You would think he is by now used to it but nay . . . Eddy Kenzo surely still can’t believe it is his face all over the place.

Screen shots of Eddy Kenzo’s video playing on Trace Mziki Network

Well, the latest is his video, Owamanyi, which has only been playing on local channels a few days now. I think it is splendid – of course. However, it turns out East Africa’s only BET Award Winner, Kenzo was in total disbelief himself when he learned his video was actually playing on Trace Mziki – which is a significant thing in itself  although, we had not guessed it’d still be such a marvel for Mr. Kenzo.

It has literally been years since Kenzo broke through any boundaries with his famed sitya loss yet last night he was beside himself with awe when he caught his face on International TV. We celebrate with you Mr. Musuuza; God can really work wonders, can’t he?


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