How Men Pull Off Juggling Two Women During The Holidays

Easter is around the corner and for many this is the time to go loose and relish all the ecstasy there is to find. In any case there is no contradiction in celebrating the season – behold the Savior’s risen.

Owing to this, many guys use the opportunity to veer a bit off the boring routine into something rather fresh and spontaneous, holding nothing back. As such, husbands board their entire families onto trucks and hit the road for the countryside where to find the extended family. This actually makes sense but not all the sense – at least as far as men are concerned.

“There is no adventure in cultivating nostalgia while sharing hugs with grandmas and grandpas,” says Bruno Ariho, a businessman in Nakawa. Ariho adds that after weeks and months full with schedules and deadlines to beat, a man, for once, needs to seize a chance to be a real man.

As the holidays roll around, the cheating husband feels a need to spend some of that holiday with his mistress.

“You only need to be shrewd and cautious so your woman never suspects the offsite romps,” he underscores.


Cheaters, as a matter of fact, put a lot more effort into keeping their affairs unknown. Counselor Jessica Kibirango in Nakawa emphasizes that the husband is likely to take time away from the family in order to call his mistress so she doesn’t feel forgotten.

Some men even bring their lovers to the village too, and keep/hide them in a separate rented room or with a friend. This is why even more creativity is required in order to get away with it.

Reunion with ex-girlfriend

In a protracted chat with Ariho, he revealed that it is very vital to be a good pretender as it’s the only way to satisfactorily justify your restlessness. For instance, such a man would take advantage of his drained woman owing to the road fatigue to move out without his ex.

She [wife] would find it impossible to imagine that her man would have gone to meet his village ex-girlfriend who he could even never have dumped before taking on a city girl as mother of his children. Any meeting would be a perfect reunion and a rekindling of the first love.

Reunion with friends

To the African lady, nothing is more justly deserved as their man joining with other men at the malwa [drinking] club. It’s acceptable to the wives and men gladly seize it although for a completely different reason.

Drinking centers always have places where infidels will always find space to lodge and this opportunity comes in handy for those who crave illicit sex.

Participating in recreation

In the lifestyle of the countryside, typical traditional activities are still widely practiced and this a good leverage for a mischievous husband who might want to while away from his naïve wife to an offside romp.

With activities such as hunting, they provide a perfect environment to lay a village mistress. How would anyone suspect a man who went to hunt. Furthermore, a city-bred wife would never be insecure with her husband in the village as she would be in town surrounded by sharp, assertive women – clearly this is a wrong perception.

Being frequently elusive

Cheaters are very typical with taking the car to the mechanic for fixing or at the wash bay for cleaning. This is because it is oftentimes used as the lodge. This is however mostly used by amateurs who dare run such a risk – for it is very easy to leave evidence of promiscuity in the car.

Fixing new programs

Knowing that she will not suspect, the husband feels confident in convincing his wife of a need to go to the trading center to have a haircut or suggest using an evening to go meet an old homeboy/friend or even a distant relative who lives a bit far. Such proposals always end in uninterrupted evenings of passion with the “side dish”.

You would imagine Christmas holidays are family times – they’re stress wavers and get-togethers. And everyone agrees except a cheater is torn between his family and the other woman. Unawarely, he finds himself unable to concentrate at home. And it’s a very telling sign for wives. Simply that is how a wonderful time can turn into a stress-filled, emotionally draining week.



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