A Journalist’s Feeling about Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi’s Write-Up to the President

In all honesty, if I were the newly elected Independent Member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi [Bobi Wine], I would receive the presidential recognition more graciously.

And I would do that for the reason that I have no political side [party] to pressure me into unjustified vilification of political rivals.

Besides, as a newbie, I’d need to try to understand the President and his NRM, the same way I would, the Opposition – to make sure I’m not unduly dismissive but rather open-minded. This would give me the mileage I need to try to negotiate for my constituency – at least for these years while the NRM still wield the power – until 2021.

But [by so hastily pouring scorn on the President’s leadership style] Hon. Kyagulanyi has handled himself in an indiscreet fashion – removed his veil of uniqueness the first chance he got – and now he has put his sense of judgment on a ledge.

Beginning your political career by taking on a philosophy maestro like Museveni was to leap first and look later. It can be suicidal [sometimes] and the young legislator has risked being read as another one of the hysterical politicians, solely bound by their desire to grab a headline, overtly staging clashes against the state and being reactionary just to win [political] points.

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Realistically you cannot try to debase the President so cheekily, considering that he was also duly elected by the population of Uganda. By saying, for example, that “the press could not be expected to headline stale ideas which people had rejected” is to insinuate that the media is right to ignore NRM in the elections and from a future-focused democrat I reckon that was grossly imprudent.

In fact, I don’t seem to understand what Hon. Kyagulanyi was excited about. The President wrote his observations about the by-election and in a rare display of vulnerability he acknowledged that there were a few shortfalls in the government he runs – corruption, unemployment and crime. This is not where a progressive politician again jostles with the president. You rather cogitate, and then propose alternatives or the revolutionary policies [and models] – you are a Member of Parliament!

For to simply say that “I don’t agree with many of the conclusions you draw” makes Hon. Kyagulanyi just another politician heckling baloney.

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As a Member of the Press, I have studied Mr. Museveni’s attitude to always dust off these kinds of demagogic conversationalists. He does not so much respect [let alone heed] these actors that cannot intelligibly table complementary or superior plans. Whether he is right or wrong, he mostly imagines sentimentalists as domineering, ideologically challenged and downrightly preposterous. This means that as a leader you get nothing for your people.

About The Discussion on Ideology

To begin by saying NO NO NO is typical of Uganda’s lame politics and it is to have an un-teachable spirit.

For example, the President justly decried the increasing practice of political intolerance with some actors mistreating opponents [including heckling and physical scuffles] as reminiscent of the 2016 Campaigns violence in Western Uganda that spurred off the infamous Leopard Anus Comments. And what does the civilized-politics Bobi Wine say;

“Many years ago you justified your going to the bush thus; ‘If you have a government which has closed off all other channels of peaceful change, what else could we do, except to surrender, to resign ourselves to slavery? And we couldn’t do that as long as people were willing to fight.’ I think that is the message you should read in those people who heckled you.”

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This is a good point for the Honorable to point out. But it is also erroneous and dishonest;

  1. For a man who just won an election to replace another Opposition MP, that’s not interpretable as “government being very far from the people” – it speaks of incompetence of individual leaders. The President does not elect our Local Council leaders or legislators – they are equally liable, facilitated [have a budget] and they are nearer to us.
  2. Acknowledging that Uganda’s press generously covered your campaigns even with help of international media, apparently because the media does not “headline [NRM’s] stale ideas” does not speak of suppression of the citizenry.
  3. For Bobi Wine to say that he does not “condone violence or bad politics” while justifying heckling the Fountain of Honor is to be a flip-flopper and evocative of Uganda’s equally stale politics of resentment.

It is disconcerting when emotions override reason. Otherwise how does the Honorable pull off the argument that “government has closed off all other channels of peaceful change”? The election that just got him to Parliament? The Courts he just quoted? The media he just defended? Or this public reprimand of the President “exacting” him not to amend the constitution?

Actually the real contradiction is when Kyagulanyi [who’s supposed to be a futuristic leader] tries to hijack democracy, calling a constitutional amendment unlawful to try to bully the majority out their will, simply because his [and cohorts’] whole political agenda is hinged on demoralizing an individual from running for President. How about negotiation? What happened to persuasion?

It is a misdemeanor, Hon. Kyagulanyi, to try to join the cart with the radical dissenters to mount pressure against the majority’s will. It would actually be no less of a coup.

I expected to find a rational legislator in Bobi Wine, a bridge-builder, a negotiator not an idealist. His discussion on Ideology was a good platform for him to divulge his good judgment and aptitude in contemporary leadership. But he missed the opportunity because savage politics excited him – he picked the liability instead of the asset.

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We have a messed-up ideology which incidentally happens to be the bedrock of corruption and impunity in this country. We would otherwise agree on some things across the political divide but this is not the case. A set of beliefs would go a long way in forging some sort of discipline among the youth. This creed would be the fervor to propel the economy forward and eventually cushion the politics.

For as it is now, we’re putting the cart before the horse when we require the politics to form our ideology and it is partly a failure of this government [to anchor any set of public ideals that all Ugandans subscribe to] as it is the fault of Ugandans [to fail to support the National Youth Service program].

This young generation that Bobi wine flaunts all the time is an untaught and uncultured bunch of Ugandans with only one thing to aspire to – money. This is the real crisis in Uganda and the new-politics Bobi Wine should agree with the President at least on this!

Nothing can/should justify uncouthness, ruthlessness and barbarism in our country?


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