Justin Bieber Seeks Tranquility After Cancellation Of His Music Tour

After the cancellation of his world music tour earlier this week, American superstar, Justin Bieber has retreated to his only source of serenity, away from the snare of the fouler, as it were – and that is his Church.

American Celebrity News [online] Magazine, TMZ has ascertained that this might after all be no other crazy stunt of the singer because JB is really at home when at Church – about the only place he feels at home since he became worldwide sensation.

According to TMZ, Justin Bieber‘s religious lifestyle is the complete opposite of his life on the road and that’s why he chose it over the Purpose tour.

Hillsong Church [where he fellowships] has apparently told of how Justin worships in total peace, and at least feels he’s treated like a regular person, not a superstar while he’s there.

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It is reported that he enjoys not being the center of attention and the feeling of community. As one source put it; “Everyone’s there to help everyone.”

What’s more, taking photos or video is frowned upon, and that’s a big deal for Justin who’s long complained that fans snapping pictures makes him “feel like a zoo animal.”

According to other church sources say JB canceled his tour after he “rededicated his life to Christ“.

Meanwhile the “Sorry” singer reaffirmed he just needed a break.


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