Nickelodeon’s ‘The Thundermans’ Is Officially Coming To An End

It is true… after filming more than 100 episodes, Nickelodeon’s series about the Superhero family, The Thundermans is over.

“After their four seasons and 103 episodes, the Thundermans, has wrapped production. We are incredibly proud of our dedicated and talented cast and crew, who have helped make the show one of Nick’s longest running live action sitcoms. Premieres will continue to air throughout 2018,” the statement from Nickelodeon reads.

Many of the cast members had made it clear since filming of Season 4 began, that they too were unclear about what would happen to the show, but now they were sharing their goodbye messages on their social media accounts.

Kira Kosarin known as Phoebe Monica Rachel Thunderman is the protagonist along with her twin brother Max Thunderman.

She is a superhero with superpowers including Telekinesis, Heat Breath and Freeze Breath. Her superhero name is Thundergirl.  She shared on her twitter account informing her fans about the news, “Let everyone know the final table read with the whole cast was already getting her super emotional”.

And then she shared a photo of herself suiting up as Phoebe for the last time. “Here I am wearing my supersuit for the very last time, full of love and gratitude. Thank you for the best 5 years of my life,” She wrote in the caption.

Jack Griffo portrays Maximus Octovius “Max” Thundermans and he is a protagonist alongside his twin sister. In the original series his superpowers include Telekinesis, Heat Breath and Freeze breath. He always aspired to be a super villain but he eventually chose to become a superhero.

The Thundermans: Brother and Sister

He started his goodbye to the show sometime back; posting a photo of some of his mates all smiles as they filmed their last shows.

Diego Velazquez shared a picture of the whole family together doing a bow after a taping writing, “family… forever”

Addison Riecke decided to go down the nostalgic root and share a throwback pic of her and Diego from their first ever episode, since they are in the process of filming the final one now.

Though the Thundermans are saying bye, they there’s still plenty of Thundermans episodes left to air that you will see on your TV [Nickelodeon Africa — DSTV] snaking into next year.

And, they did film the Thunder in Paradise movie that aired back in June which was; in every sense, epic. Clearly this show’s end will break many hearts of its fervent viewers and of course it will never be forgotten.

The cast and everyone that worked on the show should be pleased they ever were a part of this.


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