Rambo’s Half-Brother Brutally Attacked At Campus – TMZ

19-year-old half brother of Sylvester Stallone [otherwise known as Rambo in Uganda] was viciously attacked Saturday night and he simply is lucky to be alive.

According to American Celebrity News Organization, TMZ, Dante Stallone was near Campus at Florida State in Tallahassee when 2 men brutally went after him. Reportedly, Dante suffered a shattered jaw and a split palate, as well as broken and knocked out teeth.

Apparently he will need re-constructive surgery and will spend several weeks in the hospital.

Meanwhile “Rambo” intimated to TMZ, “This is a wonderful young man, a straight-A student who would not cause any trouble,” adding, “It’s just so tragic and terribly sad.”

As for the assailants, they got away and police is on the hunt.


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