Should We Continue To Turn A Blind Eye On The Moral Degeneration In Our Society?

The era of dot-com is downrightly morally degenerated… notwithstanding those that shamelessly applaud folks that have stubbornly gone rogue – these sadists laugh it off, cheering scoundrels and conmen as “city born”

Debauchery today has become endemic; it is reflected in corruption, bribery, forgery, internet nudity and so on. Incidentally everyone is responsible for these trends – we all have contributed in one way or the other.

We are over ambitious. At the same time, economic hardships and [reprehensible conduct from] internet have as well compromised social etiquette and behavior.

First things first; we must wonder whether employers are any mindful of the welfare and job security of their employees or are simply the type who say, “I don’t care if I lose Mr. X, Mr. Y is out there looking for a job. I’ll just replace and fill the gap.”

People on social media; are you mindful of what you post on social media? Or you are the type who say,” I don’t care whatever implication it has on the public.”

For the laborer you are mistreating or the Facebook public you are corrupting might be influencing your very future wife or son /daughter-in-law. Likewise you might inadvertently be incubating the thug that will cause unrest in your own locality.

Your future leaders are coming right from such a society you are helping shape. Where else shall we get people of high integrity to run our social affairs or our government business? So be actively concerned with what the public should consume.

A disgruntled employee conscious of their job security or poor pay, will devour anything which comes their way, in form of corruption or forgery.

Nepotism is breeding poor service delivery in serious offices because half-baked people, as it were, are given jobs, denying competent qualified personnel.

Occasionally, we see unfair judgments thrown about in courts of law or people unfairly thrown into police cells as a result of corruption. This and many others are putting lives at stake. Today you condone immoral behaviors but tomorrow you might be a victim of your own architecture.

However it is not too late; whereas we might contend that our society is way too deep in disarray and there is no way we can liberate ourselves, I disagree with this kind of assertion. I think something can be done.

All it takes is everybody’s consciousness that immorality affects all of us – directly or indirectly. We are affected every day and there’s no way we can go free of it. If you escape it today tomorrow you may not. Especially if you’ve got children!

We are already victims of the prevailing decay and we ought to rise against the attack on decency as well as our culture. We ought to re-consider our actions, for starters, such as what you post on social media. Avoid inciting violence, remembering that what you do will reciprocate in future.

Let us go back to our roots. Hardly a century ago, our fore fathers safe-guarded their names vis-à-vis their pressures and rowdiness of the time. They were very particular with their cultural norms and values                                                 This helped them to maintain their moral standards.

Today the adoption of estranged cultures is grossly irresponsible and the other most apparent cause of immorality. For what is normal in one society, may be abominable in another. This, we must always bear in mind. Don’t call everything modernity – there’s always a basic minimum that must be taken into account.

In the traditional social setting, everyone in the community especially elders, were responsible for their moral values. Someone’s achievement was celebrated communally. If one became a public nuisance, the whole community would be concerned. They would combine ideas to discipline the culprit. This was a very good control measure. But today, it is a “Mind Your Own Business” affair.

Though one may advocate for solitude, we need people around us for goods and services. So it is imperative to be concerned with what is in your community. Another solution to combat immorality is to embrace Godliness. If we cherish brotherhood of mankind as advocated by God, we would detest embarrassing others and act humane.

So when all the above are ignored, the degenerated morals will infiltrate every kind of organization. It will be all left to the police to restore law and order. That’s why today is becoming too much for the police calling for more tear gas in the country and prisons to be built, as if is the best solution.


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