Why Besigye Cannot Be Trusted

By Andrew M. Mwenda

After the 2001 elections which Besigye said was rigged, he told me that he would never run for elections again as long as Museveni is president. He later went to exile saying Museveni was trying to kill him.

I hosted him severally on my radio show on KFM where he repeatedly said he would never run in an election when Museveni is president.

In 2005 Besigye on his own free will returned to Uganda and no one killed him. He ran in the presidential elections against his own promise and even came close to winning. After he lost the court case he told me he would never run for president again as long as Museveni is president. In 2011 he was in the race again, and again he lost.

In 2011 Besigye I took Besigye to Kabira Club for an evening drink where he told me he would never run again in Museveni organized election. He even later resigned from being president of FDC tho he kept all the strings in his hands making it hard for muntu to gain control of the party. In 2016 he ran again in spite of clearly made promises not to.

Why should anyone trust any promise Besigye makes especially his claims that he would run for only one term? If he has failed to relinquish the job of perennial opposition presidential candidate which comes with many costs how can such a man relinquish the presidency when it comes with many benefits – unless he is a masochist?


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