Adele’s Quitting?

Apparently She Could Be Touring For The Last Time Ever; “I don’t know if I will ever tour again,” said Adele, while at her concert, just before concluding that. . . . “The only reason I’ve toured is you. I’m not sure if touring is my bag.”

Adele: ‘I don’t know if I will ever tour again’

What we know is that Adele is one of the greatest talents that ever came out of Britain. We also know that because of her ‘extra-ordinariness’ she is one of the most sought after and best selling vocalists that walk the planet right now.

In fact, the singer would have no problem filling up any stadium arenas around the world – she is loved and she knows it. However, what she does not know is of whether she’d ever be on the road again, touring the world – as an artist, that is.

According to E!, during the middle of her final sold-out show in New Zealand, the Grammy winner opened up to the audience about her personal struggles with touring around the globe.

“Touring isn’t something I’m good at,” she shared with the audience Sunday night, March 26. “Applause makes me feel a bit vulnerable.”

This disclosure comes as a shock for her fans around the world, all who eagerly awaited to see the “Hello” star in person some day.


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