Bebe Cool Calls East African Girls To A Dance Challenge

Mbozi Za Malwa on which Bebe has collaborated with East Africa’s leading music group, Sauti Sol

Apparently, for “shaking booty” either a Ugandan girl or Kenyan, for that matter, could win a whooping $500 prize on winning Bebe Cool’s challenge.

Uganda’s music giant, Bebe Cool, yesterday, April 17, over social media, enthusiastically announced the release of his new song, Mbozi Za Malwa on which he has collaborated with East Africa’s leading music group, Sauti Sol.

Mbozi Za Malwa’, is Ugandan lingo which implicitly highlights the conversations that usually take place when friends are having a drink at their local joint.

“In many African communities, you only have to go to a local bar for a drink with friends to get to know the latest news happening around your community,” Bebe Cool explained.

The song was written by Yesse Oman Rafiki and Sauti Sol. Recorded in Kampala, the song glides on nuances of traditional Baganda percussion beats with a dancehall vibe fused with it. It was produced by Danz, co-arranged by Sauti Sol, mixed and mastered by Ogopa Inc.

Launching the dance challenge on Facebook, Bebe Cool, sticking out for Team Uganda, corners Sauti Sol’s Team Kenya . . . calling out “Uganda gals prove to Sauti Sol that when it comes to shaking booty, Kenyan gals are nowhere near you – US$ 500 is up for grabs for the ‘Best Dancer East Africa’

The starting date was announced to be 17th April and the competition will be on until 26th April 2017.

Then the rules of engagement were also outlined;

  • Go to SoundCloud and search for Mbozi za Malwa
  • Create your own dance video or with friends
  • Record and upload on Instagram using hashtag #MbozizaMalwa
  • Sauti Sol will repost videos from Kenya while Bebe Cool repost videos from Uganda.
  • Sauti Sol will pick the Kenyan winner/s and Bebe Cool to pick Ugandan winners
  • One final battle between Kenyan reps and Ugandan reps …Winner takes all.

This side-show [of a dance contest between Kenyan girls and Ugandan girls] playing out is what is expected to amuse fans as they eagerly await the video which will be out on the 24th of this month.

Well, like Sauti Sol expressed in a statement after their amazing time, working with Bebe Cool’, East Africa cannot wait to look at that video on the screens and we all hope it’ll be up to this entire hype Bebe Cool is mounting !!!


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