Celebrities & Social Media React Banky-Adesua Engagement With Excitement

After Nigerian music maestro and actor, Banky W came out, earlier this week, to announce his engagement to longtime friend and colleague, Adesua Tolulope Oluwaseun Etomi, messages have been moving back and forth, congratulating and even from fellow celebrities across Africa.

Here’s a sample of reactions from fans and celebrities of Bank W and his betrothed;

Its a serious question oh….@funny_african_pics @iamspreado @nsk_45 @exeasyguy @rilimillz @westafrikanman @urbanyooba #banky #engaged #celebrities #shower #showerthoughts

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So yesterday two of my favorite celebrity announced their engagement and am still trying to sink it in but according to them is not a movie. If you know me well , you would know i'm silly romantic and I couldn't help but shed few tears while reading their love story, the story seems like that of a nollywood movie staring Ramsey Noah and Rita Dominic. God, I had goosebumps all over my body while reading the story, but the fact that this gentle man took his time to know this lady is something our bachelors should emulate, he was literally friendzoned for one and half years, this man could have checked other products out (like wizkid who is still in the market trying to check out varieties of products) being the kind of man he is but he waited for one and half years to know this lady more. He was convinced from the start that Adesua was his woman and he waited for her to be ready(dare not say it to some guys). The friendzone is where you should put every potential partner so you get to know them beyond what they portray they are to you. PS:- A guy knows what he wants and he goes after it until he gets it and I hope girls can learn from this that all those Speedy biscuit boys that get tired after 1month of chasing you and they start telling everybody you're fronting are not IT. Banky could have gotten any girl he desired but Adesua was the one after his heart and he simply waited for her to be ready, it's important to be friends with your spouse, that is the number one thing you need, marriage is largely about true friendship, build this first and every other thing will follow. Great friends makes great couple.. Dear suitors, I hope you now know why I always insist on friendship first before anything 😀😁, and check your DM girls, you might be putting your husband on hold 😁😀. Don't worry, we will find our place in time, a place to call our own.. I greatly tap into this blessing and I wish them all the very best #loveadvocate #lotsoflove #banky #Adesua #Etomi #writersofinstagram #writersblog #writersofig #writing #writers #writer #inspirationalquote #inspiring #inspire #inspiration #memeministry #handwriting #handlettering #handwritten #quote #love #lovequo

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