The Church Has a Better Reputation Than The Media & Universities – Survey

So it turns out that the Church is still one of the most trusted institutions, according to a research carried out in America.

Despite the criticism that the Church constantly receives, a report from the Pew Research Center has actually revealed that the Church has a more positive reputation than many major institutions – with fifty-nine percent of Americans viewing the Church more positively.

Whereas Integrity still matters to most U.S. citizens, according to Breaking Christian News, the integrity of the media is being questioned especially these days.

Other American institutions, such as colleges, banks, and labor unions have also received criticism – and they are grossly mistrusted. The only institution that actually has a positive reputation, however, is the Church.

It is good news that there are a lot of pastors and churches out there with great integrity – although their good stories often never make it to the media.


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