Dr. Sserwadda Presses Born-again Christians To Meet & Forge Country’s Future

The Presiding Apostle of the Born Again Faith, Dr. Joseph Sserwadda has called upon fellow evangelists across the country to convene and seek the face of God concerning the impending “catastrophe” that faces the Church – with regard to the imminent constitutional amendments.

In a protracted write-up across media networks, the Ndeeba Victory Church Pastor briefly decried the inelegance of fellow “shepherds” for their slack response towards the apparent legislation that could be the fate of the Church in a long time to come.

Dr. Sserwadda farther enumerated five major concerns that the Church is bound to address beforehand – lest the [Christian leaders] stand idly by and face grave inconveniences in the future. Among these, he mentioned; the RFBO Policy being planned by the Ministry of Ethics and Integrity that is meant to streamline the management of religious bodies in the country.

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“The churches need to form opinion on the contents of this policy before the architects of this law impose their views on us. Strangely and so naively, some people think this policy, still at inception stage, belongs to a single individual!” he noted.

The man of God in the same way fears for the future of the family with the resuscitation of the Marriage and Divorce bill by the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga.

In the same breath, advocates of Comprehensive Sex Education are scaringly pressing their cause while cheap and almost free abortion is already in the picture to target young women.

Sserwadda is also not being blind to the ongoing land question in the country.

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Dear Colleagues,

If you are following the trend of events in this country, you will realize that 4 major policies / bills are on our debate floor and need immediate response. I have read with keen interest the responses to my article both on Social and Electronic Media and have noted that, may be, just maybe, if we want to find a solution, we may need to call a convocation and we seek God’s face on the following issues.

  1. The Rfbo Policy. Designed by MOEI to guide the religious and spiritual terrain of this nation after the Born Again Churches were, alongside the Trade Unions, Micro Finance Institutions, and Professional Bodies, were removed from the NGO ambit. The churches need to form opinion on the contents of this policy before the architects of this law impose their views on us. Strangely and so naively, some people think this policy, still at inception stage, belongs to a single individual!
  2. Marriage & Divorce Bill. This bill was shelved after numerous contentious proposals found their way into the document and debate collapsed over the noise that politicians were making. The edict was deemed detrimental to the election campaigns of 2015 and so those in power ordered the shelving until ample time.

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The Speaker of Parliament has now recalled it causing panic in many circles. The Balokole are at the centre of this debate and an able team needs to avail itself to defend our interests. Notably, the Muslims will not feature much as their Sharia Law is operative in Uganda already.

  1. The Land Reforms. At the beginning of this week, I attended on invitation, a Consultative Seminar on Land Acquisition & Ownership in which I was asked to give opinion on “How Balokole acquire land and how they plan on consolidating the ownership”. This is such a problem if you are following the developments closely.

We need to address the prevailing challenges and also plan for the future of Church Planting in view of these legal matters being shoved at us. Many churches are likely to close down and those that will survive may have a hard time.

  1. Comprehensive Sex Education. Is there a need to teach children about sexuality from an early age? Those supporting CSE argue that children need to be aware of themselves and their surroundings as they grow up to prevent problems related to sexuality and reproductive health.

The opponents say that sexuality education is only worsening an already bad situation. The major opponents of CSE belong elsewhere and the Balokole need to give their opinion.

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  1. Cheap And Almost Free Abortion Self-injectable contraceptives, which are being trailed in Uganda and Senegal, are already being called GAME CHANGERS in offering women the liberty to sexual freedom and the option to abort any pregnancy.

The disposable US$1 device (UGX 3,800/=) consists of a small needle connected to a plastic bubble containing the contraceptive Depo-Provera which can be squeezed to inject a dose that lasts three months. On the Ugandan open market, the injectable costs a mere 10,000/- and is available “across the counter”.

Self-injectables are already having a major impact on the lives of women who face opposition to contraceptive use from their partners, said the global health organisation PATH which has designed the device called Sayana Press. ‘This is a life-saver. This is a game-changer for family planning,’ PATH’s Emmanuel Mugisha told the Thomson Reuters Foundation at Women Deliver, the world’s biggest women’s health and rights conference in a decade.


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