Why Every Home Ought to Have Rosemary in Their Compound

Having some sort of flora in our compounds is important – even if it is just to look at. Plants always enhance the beauty of things.

However having Rosemary in the compound is different kind of important; it’s one of those special plants with an endless list of benefits to man – precisely why your compound is not complete – let alone useful without one.

Rosemary is a woody perennial herb / plant with needle-like leaves that can reach approximately 3 feet in height. It can act as a flower in your compound because of its nice looking shape; it’s always green and comes with different shades of white, pink, purple or blue flowers.

And indeed Rosemary looks nice – it boosts the look of the compound, moreover it gives off a natural fragrant scent that’s so pleasing.

But that’s not all;

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  • Both leaves and the stems of the Rosemary can be cooked as food and has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.
  • Rosemary can be used in the kitchen to give great taste to [some] meals because of the flavor it adds; the stems and the needles of the plant are used primarily for cooking fish or meat and as a spice for savory dishes.
  • The plant whether fresh or dried is one of the most popular ingredients; added to different kinds of soup, cheese and even for making infused oil.
  • But the wide range of nutritional value contained in the herb is what is even more remarkable. Early evidence suggests that taking just a small amount of powdered Rosemary leaves in tomato juice might improve memory speed in older adults.
  • Studies farther reveal that Rosemary Extract inhibited the proliferation of ovarian cancer cell lines; it contains Manganese minerals which play a critical antioxidant role in the body especially aided by its cofactor Super-Oxidant Dismutase that is associated with lowering the risk of cancer, more so breast cancer.
  • Rosemary is also good in aromatherapy to ease stress.
  • For ages, Rosemary has been linked with hair growth in many cultures, especially for ladies and men that don’t want to go bald at an early age.
  • The herb also helps ease muscle pain and aches when taken the leaf helps fight against indigestion problems.
  • It has got some unique compounds and oils which include Rosmarinic acid and essential oils such as Cineol, Comphene, Borneol which help in providing anti-inflammation, anti-fungal, anti- bacterial and anti- septic properties.


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