How Uganda can prosper

By Andrew M. Mwenda

If you want your country to prosper, be different, think different, act different. How do u achieve this? Try philosophy. Will Durant defines philosophy is an attempt to develop a broad perspective about a subject.

Socrates said: philosophy begins when one learns to doubt, especially to doubt one’s strongly held beliefs, dogmas and axioms.

Do you doubt your beliefs? Then you are involved in philosophy. Do you passionately believe in your dogmas? Then you are not thinking.

So begin to doubt the first feelings that come into your mind about any subject, question received wisdom, challenge established norms, reject cliches and dogmas. Unearth assumptions. Question certainties. Be creative. Act outside the box.

Are the things you are told made rich nations rich really true? Read history. It is the only laboratory of human experience. Everyday read a book and learn something new, you will only discover how little u know


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