Just Why You Need The Samsung Curved 4K UHD TV Now

Samsung Curved 4K UHD TV
Samsung Curved 4K UHD TV

We are well aware of the Flat Screen TV in our time; it is the new obligation holding heads of families under a vastness of stress. In fact, Ugandans celebrate a landmark achievement when finally secure one of those – and for good cause; it has a good look, sound, a good picture resolution… yada yada yada.

However, wait until I tell you about this – the newest thing in town; and maybe we’ll begin to rethink what the real yardstick should be, for judging the best daddy and most thoughtful husband around – it’s the Samsung Curved 4K UHD TV.  I am talking Ultra High Definition TV that displays movies, sports and shows at 4 times the resolution of Full HD and upscales the picture with incredible detail.

If you ever come down Kampala road, Smart Care Center or any other Samsung shop in the city, it should be to amaze yourself with the most intensely detailed visual experience of a 2015 Samsung 4K UHDTV. That would actually be a bargain for a smart TV with a gorgeously curved screen – which displays every image on an entirely new scale.

Every pixel counts; this TV is the next generation of clarity. With four times the resolution of a Full HD, pictures are rather so crisp and every detail is sharp even on the largest screen available.

The Samsung Curved 4K UHDTV makes everything you watch a breathtaking episode and every frame draws you in with beautifully riveting aspects.

Moreover all Samsung 4K UHDTVs are smart TVs. So anything you watch and everything you access is in striking detail.

It gets even more interesting having to access the whole lot in one place, with so much ease, and very fast; the Samsung 4K UHD TV has a new Favorites Panel that helps the user to effortlessly navigate all the loved content – discovering live TV, video-on-demand, movies and actually streaming content as well.

Furthermore; you get online games, apps, social media, multimedia and the internet in its fullness – on the same set.

Here, you discover apps designed specifically for you and your whole family to enjoy. From fitness, weather, news, entertainment, sports, to fashion and more. There’s an app for everybody. If not preloaded, it’s certainly available from Samsung Apps.

It has also got a new multi link technology that the older LCD never had, and this technology delivers a multi-screen viewing experience, which means that you can now interact simultaneously with up to “four screens” of content relevant to what you are watching – all at the same time.

Now this is the most exciting part; you can browse the web, play games, launch apps and even change the channel with just a simple voice command or hand gesture.

A 48 inch of one of these goes for UGX 6.5 million, a 55 inch is UGX 14.5 million. However, with a resolution 4× the LCD, an auto-depth enhancer, purcolor, UHD upscaling and an inbuilt Wi-Fi, the Samsung Curved UHD TV is future ready and very much worth its price.


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