Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta Wins Second Term As Opposition’s Raila Odinga Cries Foul

Uhuru Kenyatta and his runningmate, William Ruto

Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta has extended his five year rule after a hotly contested election race that he, according to the elections body, IEBC, won decisively in the first round.

The son of Kenya’s founding father, Uhuru Kenyatta won by a smooth 54.27% of the vote while his longtime challenger, also NASA [Opposition Political Parties Alliance] candidate, Raila Odinga trailed with 44.74%.

Meanwhile Raila Odinga earlier contested the election saying that Hackers had used the identity of a murdered official to rig the results of a Kenyan election…

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In what he referred to as an “attack” on his country’s democracy, the perennial [4 time] Presidential contestant alleged that hackers had criminally managed to access the computer system of the election body using the late Chris Msando’s identity to create errors in the country’s electoral database.

Notwithstanding what the Opposition’s next move could be, Jubilee’s Uhuru Kenyatta and runningmate, William Ruto are poised to stay put at the State House of the Republic of Kenya for the next five years.

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In his words, having been declared President-elect at about 10: 20 PM [East African Time], Uhuru Kenyatta thanked God for favor and the people of the Republic of Kenya for having had confidence in him and voted for him.

If the Constitution’s [two-term] clause won’t be amended, this means this is the last term of Kenyatta and it should now be his legacy on his mind; it is expected that for the country that his father, Jomo Kenyatta helped nurture, he would like to accomplish a few milestones through strengthening democracy, addressing sectarianism, insecurity, tackling food woes, and indeed building a robust economy.


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