Mary J. Blige Ordered To Pay Ex-Hubby A Monthly $30, 000 In ‘Temporary Spousal Support’

It turns out Mary J. Blige will be paying $30,000 a month in “temporary spousal support” to her estranged husband Kendu Isaacs, as per the ruling of the judge.

According to TMZ, the nine time Grammy award winning artist has to pay her ex-manager thirty thousand instead of the $129,319 he originally requested.

Isaacs’ demand had consisted of $5,000 to help with his aging parents, $4, 971 to support his two children from a previous relationship, $60,000 in back rent, $1,200 for dining expenses, along with $1,723 for groceries and a bunch of other things.

Mary J will also reportedly pay retroactive spousal support from September along with Isaacs’ court fees which total $235,000. The court found that Blige had to pay something in order for Martin to continue living the life he was accustomed to while still with Blige.

Yet despite the amount of Blige has to give up, the judge said that when times were good they were both living very extravagantly and owe millions of dollars in back taxes. While promoting her latest album, Blige said the reason their marriage fell apart is because he cheated on her with someone they both worked with.


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