Must Have Gadgets Every Man Should Never Live Without

Tech Accessories Everybody Should Have

Unlike in the past, we’re so increasingly dependent on our gadgets that they don’t just live with us, they live on us. These items, if we lost, we mourn only briefly as we plan to replace them immediately. From delivering messages from friends, they tell us about the weather, organize our agenda, remind us every now and then, and even manage music.

For all our gadgets do for us, we certainly repay them with loyalty. They save time and make our life so easy. We now get to list some of the most important gadgets every graduate should never be without while in the field;

Alarm Clock

Waking up early every day is one of the toughest tasks incumbent upon every man. Therefore in order to achieve this, a man ought to possess an alarm clock in the bedroom. These alarm clocks form an important part of the daily schedule of a man and they are a must-have tool, especially if you don’t intend to arrive late at work.


Whereas the smartphone helps in making our day to day communication, organizes, updates and beautifies our life, it is also the most important thing for your travels except for your passport. This is largely because apart from being an entertainment tool throughout the stress and boredom of the journey, today, much of things that need to be booked like the air tickets can be done so online. Booking everything from your smartphone is the easiest way to go.


The camera is a necessity for most people to capture precious moments as these moments never come back again. A man must possess a camera in order to get hold of the rave memories in his life. Good photographers tend to impress their ladies more than those that don’t care to capture the important events in their lives. Cameras come in handy, especially while having trips, or sightseeing while on vacations or holidays with friends, family or girlfriend.

Flash Disk      

This storage disk is one of the most important tools for any modern man. It is almost equally as relevant for a campus / university student as it is for a senior official somewhere in government. Beside keeping large volumes of useful information that you can flexibly use anywhere, even on the road, the flash disk also acts as a backup tool for your files and folders that could easily get erased from one day to the next.

Power Station

We all face the issue of running out of our batteries for our devices every single day. However the power station, sometimes called the Power Bank, is capable of charging any power hungry USB charged device, even while on the road and it will be a life saver.


It is very disingenuous for a modern man – whether of working class or going to a high institution of learning to still have to rely on the commercial secretarial services that couldn’t care less what accuracy ought to be in your work before you submit it. Instead, they may introduce new mistakes to it.

Meanwhile you could calmly type your work yourself and edit it as you please.


This is a small device that connects your computer / laptop to the internet – just in case you are out of reach of Wi-Fi connection. This means you’ll still have access to internet services, to download, upload, receive or send files. This means you’ll not be behind deadlines for submission of your proposals, applications or even presentation despite failure in Wi-Fi.

Modems are available at almost all Uganda’s telecom outlets.

Wrist Watch

Whereas the phone has a time teller on it, somehow it might run out of battery life and that’s not exactly rare. However with a watch, uncertainties about its proficiency are very rare. It’s unlikely for a watch to fail its functions. Moreover it projects its owner as principled.


These not offer you being trendy, they, as matter of fact, enable you to listen to radio or music, whether you’re on the go, or are simply among a crowd for whom you cannot afford to turn on a loud speaker. This helps you to either be abreast with new developments in news via radio or simply be entertained to rid yourself of stress or boredom.


Tabs are as good as Smartphones or even better since they have larger screens and their batteries last longer. With tabs like the iPad and Samsung tabs, one can read books, reports, make reports and browse the web pages with ease just like a smartphone would do. The only exception is that most tablets won’t make voice calls.

Touch Screen Stylus

For some people touch screen phone experience is not so pleasant. They find it difficult to navigate through the phone and type messages. Therefore, the touch screen stylus helps the person to make a hassle free work on the phone.


It is also important to carry a charger for the devices you move along with because you never can tell when you will need it badly.


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