What You Didn’t Know About Nickelodeon Stars Of ‘Hunter Street’

Hunter Street is a comedy adventure television series created by Reint Scholvick. It is about five young siblings; Max, Tess, Anika, Sal and Daniel who teamed up on a mission to find their lost foster parents who had disappeared mysteriously in the night.

The series stars Daan Creygton, Kyra Smith, Maemae Renfrow, Stony Blyden and Thomas Jansen as the main [central] characters.

Daan Creygton

Daan Creygton

Daan was born on September 21, 2002 (14years). He is an actor who plays Sal Hunter on the series. Though originally from Netherlands, later he settled in United States. Outside acting, the star loves sharing his pictures on Instagram and twitter by the handle daancreygton.

 What builds up the role of Sal Hunter is that he is the one who gives out the correct and smart ideas for the team.

Kyra Isiko Smith

Kyra Smith

She stars in the Nickelodeon debut of the series as Anika Hunter. Kyra was born on April 7, 2003 (14years). Before grabbing her dream of becoming a nickelodeon star, she loved acting and grew up in Netherlands as a foster kid with her sister called Hanna who was by her side.

Anika is a young girl; simple, courageous with a fearless heart.

Maemae Renfrow

Maemae Renfrow

Renfrow was born in North Carolina on April 21 1997 (20 years) she’s an actress mostly known for her appearances in several TV shows and films. She portrays Tess Hunter in Hunter Street. Before fame she got credited in 2016 in a horror movie The Sick House and also a film called the Bomb City.

Tess is one of the two loving sisters who looks forward to finding their true parents. What makes Tess’ character interesting is that she cares for all her fellows and does what helps them. However what made it complicated in season 1, was when she distrusted his brother Max; for without telling any of his siblings, Max actually had gone to Saganash to find out about his true parents. Moreover Saganash only wanted to get “the diamond” from Max.

Thomas Jansen

Thomas Jansen

He was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Bussum. When he was 13 he moved to Athens in Greece and joined a British high school and started performing. He attended Interlochen Arts Camp and the Guildford school and later went to study music in a musical theatre at the University of Miami. He potrays Daniel Hunter in the series and loves being the hunter.

Thomas is mostly focused on his studies and his role so he isn’t a person of social media.

Daniel is interested in staying home and does he house work as laundry and finding his siblings what to eat as the elder one in the same way, he is in love with a policewoman but he fears to tell he what he really feels about her; so his heart breaks when the love of his life goes on a date with her fellow.

This makes Thomas’ role so much complicated as he has to impress us about handling his love life with Simone and his family mission of finding Erik Hunter and Kate Hunter, their parents, in season 2.

Stony Blyden

Stony Blyden

Thorsteinn Sindri Baldvinsson Blyden known for his stage name Stony Blyden. He is an Icelandic actor, rapper, singer and producer born in Reykjavik Iceland on March 9 1993 (24 years). At a tender age, he started drumming and using musical instruments.

By doing so he got a camera from his dad and started covering different songs and uploaded the videos on YouTube. He made a popular which got over a million views this made him popular that he was brought to star with Janelle  Monae and Lionel Messi in a Pepsi ad.

In the acting world, Blyden has appeared in movies like The Standoff and Hope Springs Eternal as well as the Hullu television series. Now Stony stars in a 2017 Nickelodeon series as Max Hunter.

Max is one of the three boys of the family and he wants to find out the mysterious hidden packages so he is focused but he was so naughty that’s why he is monitored. He looks as a hero to all his siblings but he has to focus and find his true parents and watching out about Saganash snatching away the diamonds.

The series are produced in the Netherlands by Blooming Media, and was co-developed with Nickelodeon Netherlands television series. The series were renewed for the second season with 20 episodes on April 25 2017.

To all the ardent fans, continue enjoying the comedic adventures of the first season of Hunter Street as it airs on DSTV every day of the week at 5:30[EAST] and 4:30[CAT].


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