Are Nightmares More than Just Bad Dreams?

Sometimes you cannot help but marvel at the thought of life being such a mystery, yet every morning we wake up presuming to understand every detail. The night alone can turn out to be such a conundrum in itself.

Last year, on Saturday, April 4, 2015, at exactly 11 O’clock after sunset, a lady, one, Nanziri Mabel presented herself at Bukedde TV, on a family show, and she was with this tale of how her supposed father who passed on a while back had appeared to her in a dream, giving her explicit instructions about her own life. Apparently she found herself in a dilemma, wondering how authentic that dream could be!

“It seemed so real,” she explicated, and it was the show’s job now to work out the ambiguity.

But Just What Are Dreams; Prophetic Nuggets Or Outright Farce?

Whatever the case might be, it is no uncertainty that Ugandans are way up there with dreams. In 1972, one bleak morning, it dawned on the Asian Community in all the ill-omened towns of this country that they had only 90 days on their sleeve to evacuate the home they had made for themselves in Uganda. Whichever way that news sounded to the Asians, it was the result of a little wacky dream the Head-of-State had received right in the middle of a deep sleep. And in his interpretation, God had spoken to him.

If only there was a way of verifying it was God’s message to Uganda! Amin Dada would unmistakably have had such a cloud of endorsements.

In his teaching, on Sunday, July 31, 2011, Reverend Dennis Odoi, a widely acclaimed preacher in Kampala, in his sermon on “Dreams”, at Deliverance Church, Makerere Hill, he underscored, backed by a chain of scriptures from the Holy Book that God speaks to man all the time through dreams.

He however added that dreams may as well spring from other sources and it is pretty important to discern their origin because they’re often loaded with information that is supposed to set the course that we must follow.

“There are three different sources of dreams.” He said, “Dreams come from your desires, anxiety and life situations. They come from your will to be satisfied in life. They are also dreams that come from your anxieties and situations during the day things that stress you.

Secondly, dreams come from the Devil and have general characteristics which include: – same dream keeps repeating itself over and over, dreams that bring fear, dreams that make you worry, dreams that make you confused.

Moreover, the Content of Devil backed dreams often follows a certain pattern; seeing dead people in dreams, dreams of flying, wetting the bed, seeing rats. If you see rats check your bank account and finances and pockets. Dreams where you are a woman and you see men who have sex with you these are spirit husbands for men who see women these are spirit wives.

Third source of dreams is God, and these are peaceable and enlightening. They bring comfort and hope.

Talking to Sylvia Namutebi aka Mama Fiina, a famous diviner, it was ascertainable that the understanding of dreams in African Traditions is pretty vast as well. What she kept resounding though is the fact that dreams come from the spirits of our dead ancestors who feel obliged to communicate to humans in this earthly realm. Through these dreams, the spirits are able to make their will known to man, give instructions and dissolve human doubts about a whole range of life’s issues.

However, according to Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, a professional dream analyst and author in America, dreaming is actually a thinking process; a continuation of our thoughts streaming from the day. “The nightmare is when we are thinking about difficult issues and trying to sort them out. We often try to ignore our difficult issues with distractions during the day but when we are asleep and are forced to be alone in our own heads, these difficult issues will be addressed,” she said, and included that poor eating habits can also cause scary dreams. For example, eating meals or snacks that are high in carbohydrates in the late hours of the night can increase brain activity, body metabolism, hence nightmares.

In order to have better dreams, we must begin to address the issues that plague us in the day. She advises that, “the better conversation you have with yourself while awake will ensure better dreams at night.”


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