Top 7 Tricks Cheating Husbands Use To Hide Infidelity

Is one expected to be a gentleman when one is stiff? Well, I don’t know. What I know is that lately married men are relishing a lot of sex outside their matrimonial boundaries and they make sure nobody is watching;

In this article I decode seven (7) tricks men are wielding to cover up their infidelity – this might go on even for years without the cheater ever getting caught;

“Lock” Your Phone; This is the first lesson any cheater will learn – making the phone completely inaccessible. This is because wives mostly have a tendency to go through their hubby’s phones. So, apart from locking the phones with a series of passwords, many cheaters simply procure a second phone or download a sneaky App so they could chat with their affair partners without being caught.

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Stay Tight-Lipped; Many cheaters are very careful with the kind of information they share. Most very successful cheaters never reveal their home address, their spouse’s place of employment or even their family residence. The point of keeping all this sensitive information under wraps before and following the affair is the fear that their affair partner blow their cover some day – as such, it is only safe for them to just shut up.

Don’t Be Careless; Most cheaters do it very far away from home. It’s only logical.  Having a lover nearby only exposes the cheaters to the risk of being discovered. So the ideal is to travel miles from their home to meet with their lover so they wouldn’t be spotted by anyone they knew.

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Hide The Evidence; Such as strange perfumes can easily give away the cheater; but of course, they are always better and more wily than this. Lipstick on the collar or stray panties in the backseat of the car never gets littered all over the place — if the cheater’s marriage is still a priority. Cheaters will always make an effort to hide any evidence of their indiscretions.

Keep Up With The Status Quo; Cheaters know that if they are going to conceal their affairs, they ought not be caught being panicky. This would raise suspicions and before long, the cover would be blown. Because of this, smart cheaters always avoid making any radical changes to their appearance when they were cheating.

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Always Use Protection; These offside romps and sidekicks are some of the commonest ways through which STDs are transmitted. Cheaters are not daft – after all they love their wives despite the circumstances. Therefore using condoms to avoid bringing home an STD or getting pregnant is key to keeping their affairs on the down-low.

Avoid Leaving Any Paper Trace; The easiest way to trace a cheater is by following the paper evidence such as receipts. Most cheaters pay for hotels and fancy dinners for two with cash, keep no receipts to the effect – they destroy the evidence. And this is how to avoid getting caught by way of an incriminating financial statement.


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