Uganda Journalism Gone To The Dogs

New Vision: 30,000 “qualified doctors” have left Uganda for greener pastures elsewhere

By Andrew M. Mwenda

The New Vision on April 22, 2017 reported that 30,000 “qualified doctors” have left Uganda for greener pastures elsewhere. Apparently it was quoting a report by some NGO.

Either New Vision is misquoting the report or doing vooodoo journalism. Because if this is what the report says, the journalist should have queried it.

I don’t have figures on me but I don’t think Makerere University graduates more than 150 doctors a year. The combined total of medical students graduating from all of Uganda’s universities cannot be more than 500 per year.

At such a rate it would take Uganda 10 years to produce 5,000 doctors and 60 years to produce 30,000. Yet when I was at university in 1996, Uganda was producing only 60 doctors per year. Where did we get the 30,000 to run away? Unless of course New Vision and this NGO are talking about witch doctors!


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