“Unforgettable” Music Video: Why Uganda Wins And French Montana Loses

As it turns out, it was no hoax after all; French Montana was himself down in Kampala a few weeks ago – and we can now say that with utter certainty.

French Montana’s latest release is a music video, Unforgettable featuring Swae Lee – shot at one of the slums in Kampala, Uganda.

 Unforgettable has caused a lot of excitement among Ugandans – feeling rather flattered that the video actually has flags and scenes from Uganda. . .

Well, I beg to dissent. I think the execution of this video was deficient of many crucial things. For starters the rappers, on this one appear rather monotonous and laidback despite the sporting dance moves they labor to pull off to augment the frustratingly simplistic approach to the video.

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Actually this is no typical rap song as it is [sort of] a Disco/Dance genre (club banger). Swae Lee sings along the track, delivers the chorus as Montana does the poetry part of it.

Of course, the sound, though quite anomalous, it is surreally entrancing. I wouldn’t rival that fact.

Montana, even in his own words revealed this was a song after his own heart; “I want other people who might be struggling to know that the sky is not the limit… You can do unforgettable things, so I present to you my single ‘Unforgettable.’ featuring Swae Lee.” He had said.     

And thus the video. By our standards, it is stupendous.

By real standards, I hold a bit of reservations. And I don’t even care if it tops charts. The artists simply missed a chance to tell the story – any story, for that matter.

At first glance, you have no doubt it’s a video shot in one of the ghettoes of Africa – the infamous impoverishment of Africa is hugely apparent.

Anyway soon enough [as the video starts to glide on] a caption comes forth to reaffirm your suspicion. Kampala, Uganda, it reads. And of course it is such an honor.

Well, then the performance begins and Oh God… the dances! It appears; the Ghetto Kids Group is one of the greatest ambassadors our country has had – all thanks to Eddy Kenzo’s Sitya Loss YouTube video gone viral.

The kids feature in this video as part of a larger gang [of dancers] this time – mostly kids of the hood – the ghetto (as apparent by the slummy setting, the simple [mucky and threadbare] attires they’re costumed in).

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Video makers evidently destined to capture an optimistic mood out of so much disadvantage [a really personal story of Montana’s], yet I so doubt they nailed that concept. Maybe they did… I just was not inspired, let alone motivated.

Moreover the plot was modest and tenable. Probably they needed stay around a bit longer in Africa, be synched into the African soul. FYI: Uganda is one of the safest places in the world. So it’s not like bullets would soon be flying over his head that he had to be whisking himself out of harm’s way.

Again, there’s a lot more they could have achieved with our unique setting and the people of Kampala.  The jovial mood should have been rather cosmic, more intense and contagious, even wriggling through that crowd of spectators to cause a cataclysm of rapturous bliss. It is simply how Africans are; no pity parties; no whining… just inherently optimistic – we are happy people – despite the impoverishment and all.

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What’s more, informal [unsophisticated] Africa cares more for active leisure than the alternative. For Team Montana to assemble a bunch of spectators with their hands folded, as they watch others groove was a misnomer. It almost never happens. Instead of gazing [like a bunch of American capitalists] they should have been drawn in – so to speak – as reminiscent of Enrique Eglesias’s Bailando street video.

In as much as this video was wanted organic and simply be an exhibition of whatever there was, I still think it should have been more choreographed – then, it would have been more believable. Otherwise the raw talent of the ghetto kids cannot be equally adequate for a teaser [Sitya loss] clip and an official American video alike. This was no documentary – meticulousness should be inevitable.

Anyway it is still an honor that French Montana and Swae Lee were in Uganda. Them, Americans should do this more often. Down here resources are immense and virgin, to say the least – that is, in terms of talent, culture and sights and sounds. In fact consensus has it that we are the Pearl of Africa.


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