Why Procrastination Is The Worst Habit You Could Ever Have

Overcoming Procrastination: Manage Your Time. Get It All Done

By Emmanuel Kitimbo

Do you have a problem of lack of focus? A mind that can easily be distracted? Or do you just keep on putting off assignments and [working on] your tough tasks from time to time? Well, that’s called procrastination and it is no good a thing – at all.

This is the tendency of delaying, postponing or putting off things lined up now, for tomorrow or later.

One should never allow procrastination rule and preside over one’s life. It’s better, for starters, to spot the clear traits of a chronic procrastinator and get ready for a real fight to stop the vice – before it drives you down the drain.

The most traits of procrastinators are:

  • They avoid revealing information about their own abilities; they make poor time estimates and set uncertain priorities.
  • They may also feel overwhelmed with the filthy past and don’t act on their intentions.
  • These characteristics are linked to low self-esteem, perfectionism, non competitiveness, self deception, depression and anxiety.

It is therefore wise to ascertain the basic causes of procrastination in your life to prevent this stumbling barrier to achieving and accomplishing what you want and meeting your visions.

Causes Of Procrastination

There are many causes of procrastination. The main ones vary from person to person and are mostly unconstructive;

  1. Negative Beliefs

Holding onto many negative beliefs and fear of the possible outcome can be another delaying factor.

Most people fear taking risks due to a possibility of failure. Sometimes we’re afraid we’ll fail.

Negative beliefs are meant to evaluate and judge your merits and faults but focusing more on the faults than the merits is perilous.

Negative beliefs will lead to lots of bad emotions like low self-esteem, stress, self deception and more. It’s because it makes plans and wishes fail.

  1. Lack Of Focus (Vision)

Not having a list of priorities for the future is one of the biggest causes of procrastination.

Plan your vision accordingly with the most important tasks in an appropriate timeframe and erase less important ones which could consume your precious, valuable time in a total loss. A person without a vision feels directionless, hopeless and feels worthless.

If you lack certain priorities set, you are lacking focus.

  1. Setting Unrealistic And Uncertain Goals

We may have well set priorities, what we want to have, or do; however, we never achieve them because we are not realistic and failed to allocate time wisely. You may jot many things on your list, but cannot do all at once. Set realistic and productive goals according to the prevailing circumstances.

  1. Fatigue

Don’t allow this tendency of laziness to derail you into procrastination. Staying on a standstill doesn’t benefit you at all, giving excuses that things are tedious and impossible.

  1. Excessive Perfectionism

Due to excessive perfectionism, you may put off attempting a task until you think you can do it perfectly due to pessimism and criticism.

Don’t be overwhelmed with mere talk to distract you from delivering your best.


You need to be good at something so that you get a niche and become unbeatable!

Procrastination has lot of negative effects on your life; emotional feelings, for example, a threat to personal health, regrets and not exploiting potential!


  • Put your energy in the right direction and you’ll get things done. Set preliminary priorities in your life that will make you more productive and valuable.
  • Setting priorities will make you feel happy and constructive not only to yourself but the community around you.
  • Refuse to be discouraged or overwhelmed by the negativity around you. You’re in a position to effect change.

Use the above practical tips, as prescription to overcome the habit of procrastination which prevents you from striving to greater heights of prosperity.


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