Why Working Class Men Are Head Over Heels in Love with the Pool Table

A billiard table is the name for what we eminently know as pool table – the board on which “pool” is played. Meanwhile pool is the game itself, more formally known as Pocket billiards or Pool billiards.

A pool table is a specially built table that has six receptacles called pockets along the rails into which the balls fall as the main goal of play.

Besides going well with a crisp beer, game of pool is also easy on life

This game goes on between two players where each one of them wields a cue stick, 58.5 inches long. The player then takes a good stance and uses a cue ball of a distinctive color in order to pocket the balls of the other player. These balls always range from 8 to 15.

The winner is he who sinks all the balls of the rival player, and hence takes all the stakes submitted at the start of the match.

In this country you can hardly trace this game some twenty years back. However, we know that these days, tables of pool have inundated space almost in all [evening] corners around the city and the urban centers in our neighborhoods.

Men find themselves crowding at pool table sites especially at recreational centers and there’s quite a range of factors for which they frequent these places.

In fact when you take a stroll around these places, you cannot help but justify the undying love for the game of pocket billiards;

The game is a nice cause for association; men cherish a good time with peers, discussing a wide range of topics especially after a rollercoaster of a day at work. And where else to while away to serenity but at a pool table, holding the cue stick!

Pool is in fact a game for anyone and everyone. Its all-inclusiveness is derived from the fact that it’s easy to learn. In a day, one that came totally green could leave aptly conversant as a pro. Moreover it is as contagious as it is decent, and regal enough to involve your gentlemanly self in.

The other plus for this game is with a fact that men love participation and active leisure makes more sense than being a bystander where one takes all the shots, and the rest to cheer. With a chance such as the one pool gives, a man would rather work out a win for himself.

What’s more, this is quite rich ground to bet on anticipated wins. And if it’s gambling, it’s the men.

Therefore besides going well with a crisp beer, game of pool is also easy on life; it’s smooth to watch – it does not require much brain activity to follow, pick a side and smile to a good dart.


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